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Book Workflow Interface

Through a Mellon-funded grant, the Northwestern University Library has created the Book Workflow Interface (BWI): a web-based software program that allows operators to manage their jobs from scanning to ingestion and display. It utilizes jBPM and Ext-JS.

Freeware  15,211k 350

Wildcats screensaver

Love cute cats? But what would you say, if on your screen suddenly appeared a mighty tiger or a shrewd panther or a Lion King? Try them now and keep your wild pets at home without any troubles. The best wildcats on your desktop every ...

Shareware  4,940k 834 Soft2Home Inc
Ham University

Ham University

Ham University - Morse Training and Testing QST Review by Dan Miller November 2001 Actual Morse code lessons are accessed by clicking on “Lessons.” You must first put a Lesson Plan together. This is easily accomplished following the directions guided by Morris the Cat—an animated ...

Shareware  2,289k 1018 MICA

The College and University Deans and Chairs Reporting Database

The College & University Deans and Chairs Reporting Database 1.0 is a report application that aggregates college reports on faculty activity and productivity and allows viewing through multiple security access portals for Deans, Chairs, Faculty, and admin

Freeware  1,188k 1006

Millikin University ePortfolio System

What is MUPS? MUPS stands for "Millikin University ePortfolio System". MUPS has been designed as a web based tool to allow students to place basic information on their assessment outcomes of the university studies program and of individual majors.

Freeware  827k 340

University ERP System

The University environment needs Portal, Student Enrollment, Admission, Semesters, Courses, Exams & Results, Library, Classroom timetable, Online Learning, Bursary of Funds. Source is combi of Java, Velocity, OfBiz based on Mecca -the Simple/Stupid FW.

Freeware  759k 1060

University Schedule Planner

University Schedule Planner is an application with a web interfaced program that, given a set of teachers, a set of Studends and a set of classes each one with several restrictions, builds a schedule for the university classes. The actual implementation

Freeware  405k 404

University Timetabling

UniTime is a comprehensive educational scheduling system that supports developing course and exam timetables, managing changes to these timetables, sharing rooms with other events, and scheduling students to individual classes. It is a distributed system that allows multiple university and departmental schedule managers to coordinate ...

Freeware  78,507k 399

University of Miami Online Judge

This is the open source Online Judge Project, developed by members of the ACM chapter at the University of MIami.

Freeware  3k 465

Carso's Virtual University

The Virtual University is a e-learning portal that facilitate the university knowledge and student management. It is designed in .NET framework and can be easily extended with modules.

Freeware  4,886k 402

DE-University Augsburg - DITA Editor

DE-University Augsburg - DITA Editor is a XML-based Eclipse Editor tool for capturing Requirements in a DITA-compliant way and annotating them with Ontology-Concepts. The structure of the files is valid according to specialized Topictypes/DTDs.

Freeware  7,590k 329

Indiana University PubsOnline

Indiana University PubsOnline is an open source tool for the management and presentation of citations via the web, with tags and export to bibtex.

Freeware  70k 485

Kebec - Virtual University

An open university plataform, basicaly for math student. It support math syntax, there are a lot of modules: forum, chat, notes, etc. Today it support two languages, portuguese and english.

Freeware  126k 354

University Scheduler Engine

An extensible college/university course scheduler application designed for students signing up for classes.

Freeware  1,044k 394

University of Michigan Bus Map

This is an Android app which shows the live positions of University of Michigan buses overlayed on Google Maps, based on their Magic Bus XML feed. For git , see git://, checkout umich

Freeware  13,775k 318

University of Utah CONTENTdm API

The University of Utah CONTENTdm API Extension allows developers to extend or create new interfaces for CONTENTdm collections by providing a robust object-oriented middleware to query and access collection data.

Freeware  39k 407

Indiana University Router Proxy

Router Proxy is a web-based perl-driven management tool specifically designed for Cisco, Juniper, HP, Force10, and several TL1-based devices. Command output may be retrieved from the remote device in its raw form, or tabular formatted data.

Freeware  26k 769
iMagic Timetable Master

iMagic Timetable Master

Create Timetables for your school, college or university quickly and easily. Automatically create your timetables for Classes, Tutors and Rooms. iMagic Timetable Master will detect clashes before they occur and resolve them. You can quickly change over Tutors for temporary teachers. You can even publish ...

Shareware  10,345k 2234 iMagic


The Staged Word Processor designed for educational use with nine different faces to suit curriculum requirements. Stage menu selector allows features to be enabled progressively. Opening a document reconfigures to stage/level at which it was saved. Conceptual design by teachers without the 'over complication' for ...

Freeware  5,584k 1179 ByronSoftware
StudyProf Flash Cards

StudyProf Flash Cards

StudyProf Flash Cards is a modern study software for creating and studying flash cards on your PC. It comes with a powerful editor to create convincing and attractive flash cards. You can add text, diagrams, pictures, photos, audio files and any other resources to your ...

Shareware  4,269k 1703 Felling Softwareentwicklung
Presentation Manager

Presentation Manager

Presentation Manager offers a Powerful and Flexible solution for displaying slide show presentations on large screens using video projectors, typically in the following environments: - Business Presentations - Church sermons and song items - Performances such as concerts - Conferences - School Assemblies, Lectures, Presentations ...

Shareware  1,490k 1323 GPP Software
StudyProf Lernkartei

StudyProf Lernkartei

StudyProf Flash Cards is a modern study software which you can use to create, manage and study flash cards and study cards on your PC. StudyProf uses modern learning techniques to help you memorize any kind of information, facts, dates, vocabulary words you need to ...

Shareware  4,269k 1279 Felling Softwareentwicklung


ezDiscipline is a Windows XP/2000 software application that provides a unique user configurable package to record disciplinary incidents and student details. Ideal for schools and universities of all sizes, ezDiscipline helps improve discipline by ensuring that students are held accountable for their actions. The main ...

Shareware  3,522k 788 A Powell


RealGrade 4.0 e is a full-featured grading application designed to provide a wonderful opportunity for University instructors score, grade and report students' academic activates and exams quickly and efficiently based on the University grading scale. RealGrade 4.0 e automates the tasks involved in documenting, managing, ...

Freeware  8,219k 676 Alaa Sadik


Student Personal Information software for all school, university, college, Class, Kindergarden, Primary, Secondary, Polytechnic, Institude Features 1. System Requirement: Window OS Server, Window XP, Window 2000, Window 2003, Window NT2. Database Functionality: Network & Workgroup enable, Multi-users capable.3. English & Chinese Front End Interface used ...

Shareware  300k 1457 ibuyer hk
Mimosa Scheduling Software Trial

Mimosa Scheduling Software Trial

Mimosa is a scheduling software application for creating timetables in any type or size of school or university. It can also be used to schedule conferences, shift plans, training programmes, festivals and many other resource bound events in a wide range of business environments. It ...

Demo  1,593k 740 Mimosa Software Ltd

Scan&Fill II

You still have to fill out forms in the internet age? Your school, university, custom office, business partner, etc. still insist on paperware? Scan&Fill II is the first step of your forms printing environment: You scan the forms with your scanner, create data entry fields ...

Shareware  1,233k 1830 SoftwareSchmiede
Orbit Xplorer

Orbit Xplorer

Educational orbit and gravitation simulator for high school, college and beginning university physics and astronomy. Input mass, radius, coordinates and velocity components of 2 to 10 bodies manually or by dragging and dropping predefined bodies. Then watch how the orbits evolve under the mutual gravitaional ...

Shareware  3,296k 3799 ottisoft com
Teaching Templates

Teaching Templates

The award-winning Teaching Templates suite is a varied and timesaving set of nine authoring tools to help you create interactive, web-based exercises, tests and quizzes - including Multiple Choice, Question Time, Gap Text (based on the Cloze test procedure), Energy Saver (fill in the missing ...

Shareware  6,660k 1936 Tac Software


Designed to help students learn and apply practical analytical skills, but also ideal for those who need a low-cost alternative for producing basic summary statistics at school or work. Conduct statistical analyses and prepare descriptive summary reports. Create and analyze crosstabulations, descriptive statistics, and basic ...

Shareware  4,765k 1166 AcaStat Software
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